What was the inspiration for ABW Designs?

ABW Designs started out of love. Inspired by my grandmother’s trunks full of her sophisticated clothes from the 1920s and 1930s, as a young girl I spent hours making dresses for my dolls. The concept of fashion as a reflection of society and history stayed with me. Years later when I had a formal event, I had a great dress but no jewelry to go with it…so I went through my jewelry box, came up with an old strand of amber my Mother had given me years before, re-made it into a fun necklace, and was amazed at how many ladies asked me where I had bought it! Accessories are the perfect touch to add personal style—Enjoy creating your own unique look with ABW Designs!


How can I order ABW Designs products?

Visit www.abw-designs.com for inspiration and see what designs are available. As each piece is handmade, there is time required to craft them for each customer. Some pieces may be in stock for immediate delivery, so send an email to abwdesignsorders@gmail.com and Alice will respond with delivery dates.

Where can I see ABW Designs in stores?

ABW Designs is sold in boutiques and Museum stores throughout the United States and during Trunk Shows. Contact us with specific questions and we will connect you with your local retailer.