All About Beach Glass

Check out ABW Designs Beach Glass Collection for the most beautiful and authentic jewelry straight from the seaside. 

What is Beach Glass?

Beach glass is glass gathered from saltwater and freshwater beaches. ABW Designs’ hand-made crafting technique composes one-of-a-kind earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and cuffs that are infused with the tranquility of the ocean. 

How is it made?

In the olden days, many believed beach glass was made from a more magical source: mermaids. It was said that every time a sailor died from drowning in the ocean, mermaids would cry in deep sorrow and their tears would travel to the shoreline and create these amazing, colorful treasures called “Mermaid Tears.”

Although beach glass isn’t made from the tears of mermaids, their beauty and process of creation are just as magical. 

First, bottles and glass are discarded in the ocean that then becomes broken and smoothed by the currents and the waves. Abandoned shards hold history, as most pieces come from man-made glass products like bottles, jars, tableware, glassware, or even shipwrecks. As these items are tossed into the sea, the glass breaks and broken down from the currents. Tumbling through the waves, the effects of the friction with materials in the ocean and saltwater weathers down the glass. This causes the material to smoothen and become sleek, glassy sea treasures. 

Differences in frosting and colors can be attributed to the weathering process. Glass is both physically and chemically impacted by its journey tumbling through the sea. Because each piece of glass comes from a different source and endures a different adventure, every piece is special and one-of-a-kind. If the currents are more turbulent, it takes less time to fully become sea glass. However, if the waves are calmer, it can take up to 7-10 years before the glass becomes beautiful beach glass. The most common colors found are kelly green, white, and brown. Rarer colors are blues, lime green, reds, pinks, black, and lavender. 

How is it found?

Beach coming along the shoreline of any body of water, it is very likely you will find these glass gems. These broken pieces of glass are then washed up on the shore of beaches, bays, rivers, and oceans for a beachcomber or a sea glass addict to find. Every piece of beach glass differs from another due to the contrasting pH levels and tides of whatever body of water it is found from. The differences in these aspects contribute to both the texture and color of the glass.   

How is it added to jewelry? 

When the beach glass hunting has concluded and each unique shard is collected, we handcraft our jewelry. The sea glass is then set by hand in sterling silver. The sterling silver perfectly compliments the beach glass’s radiant colors and emphasizes its natural beauty. ABW Designs uses only genuine and unaltered beach glass that is not reshaped, etched artificially, or colorized.

Why does it make for beautiful jewelry? 

No piece of beach glass looks exactly like the next smooth water gem. These ocean treasures make each piece completely unique in size, shape, and color. Beach glass is genuine and rare— just like you! Recall the splendor of the ocean with the shimmering depths with the natural designs reflected in each pendant. 

How should beach glass be cared for?

To maintain the beach glass jewelry’s elegant look and pristine quality, it is important to properly clean and care for your pieces. 

  • Flaunt it: It won’t be hard to want to show off your beautiful sterling silver and beach glass jewelry but make sure to wear your pieces often. The natural oils in your skin help to prevent the sterling silver from tarnishing by slowing down the oxidation process.
  • Clean it: Occasionally polish your jewelry by briefly soaking the piece in a mild mixture of liquid detergent and clean water. For extra care, gently scrub the pendant with the bristles of a soft toothbrush. Finally, dry your jewelry with a soft washcloth made of cotton.
  • Treat it: If you want to keep the vibrant hues of the beach glass accents, just take a dab of mineral or baby oil and carefully rub it onto the surface of the glass. This small detail will help the sea glass’s natural color radiate. 

Beach glass provides a stunning and flawless touch to your jewelry. You can show off your beach glass perfectly at beach weddings, tropical/beach vacations, candle-lit dinners, or even a night in with friends and family. Be one-of-a-kind with your one-of-a-kind piece that is timeless, unique, and effortlessly elegant.